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Consolidated Container Service

EcoPride has a unique and innovative Service to help those customers who regularly require small quantities of Bagasse Disposable Plates, Trays, Clamshell Boxes and Containers but cannot import directly from the Factory.

EcoPride operates a regular Container service from its Factory in China where many small orders are Consolidated into one Container load and distributed to the customers on arrival.

Catering Companies, Restaurant owners, Bakeries, Food Packaging companies and small Traders can avail of this service. Containers are shipped every month and at times twice a month. There is a very nominal minimum order quantity condition and in many cases we accept smaller quantities if the requirement is on regular basis.

Shipments are scheduled for 20 - 25th of each month and bookings have to be made by the 10th of each month.

You can call us for your requirements and book your EcoPride Disposables in our next Container.

Call us for your requirements and book your EcoPride Disposables in our next Container.

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ECOPRIDE now intends to bring together the Sugarcane crushing industry and the consumers / traders of industrial packaging materials and paper manufacturers in third world countries to jointly exploit the potential of Bagasse as an eco friendly free raw material for the development of plant and machinery for the Bagasse recycling industry.

Eco-Friendly and Compostable Hot, Cold & Portion, Bagasse tableware

Why Us

Sitting in the heart of the most vibrant region at the confluence of Asia and Africa We have the capability of rapid mobilization of resources and skills for the realization of your plans to convert your massive Bagasse by-product into Cash. We are seamlessly connected with a network of Bagasse scholarship, research and development, machinery manufacturers and marketing conduits for helping you deliver your finished product to the consumer and end user.