Consultency Services

Technosmiths llc offers Consultancy Services in the following Bagasse related Fields.

  • Bagasse Cleaning, Sieving / Separation into Pith and Rind
  • Pelletizing of Rind and Pith
  • 2G ethanol extraction from Bagasse
  • Pulping Bagasse for Paper Mills
  • Bagasse Biodegradable Disposable Tableware Manufacturing
  • Bagasse Tableware Trading and Marketing

Bagasse Cleaning, Sieving / Separation into Pith and Rind

If 2G Ethanol production is not the objective then the first step towards realizing any added value from Bagasse is to separate it into its two constituents, namely Rind and Pith. Washing, Crushing and Separation are not very complex procedures and require very basic set of equipment. Bagasse Washing, Crushing and Separation Equipment is estimated in terms of Tons per Hour production Capacity and may range from 1 to 25 TPH depending upon the size of the Sugarcane Crushing Mill. We Design such plants tailor made to individual customer’s Bagasse processing requirements.

Pelletizing of Rind and Pith

Further value is added to separated Bagasse Rind and Pith by Pelletizing both for sale to relevant industries as Raw Material or obtaining better thermal yield when used in house as a furnace feedstock.

Majority of Pelletized Rind goes to paper pulp manufacturers and plywood industry whereas some of it finds its way into animal feed as a source of fiber. Pith Pellets are becoming a valuable source of energy, fertilizer and animal feed.

Technocrats llc and its associates can design, procure, supply and commission whole plants for converting Bagasse into pellets. Bagging lines can also be integrated into the production unit to allow for packaged pellets to be transported locally or exported. The size and layout of the plants again depend on the desired TPH production.