Packaging that doesn't cost the earth!


Amongst the various applications and uses of Bagasse as an Industrial Raw Material is the manufacturing of protective packaging for Fragile Industrial Components and consumer goods. Bagasse has become a very important replacement for the non biodegradable polystyrene and polyurethane polymers. Not only does Bagasse provide a safe and environment friendly packaging medium it also helps save precious financial resources of countries and manufacturers by doing away with the need to import expensive hydrocarbon based chemical feedstocks.

Bagasse packaging manufacturers

We provide complete product development services from interpretation of customers product drawings to development of packaging design and then drawing and fabrication of Molds for mass production at any of our associate Bagasse packaging manufacturers.

New Product Development

Our New Product Development and OEM services department would love to discuss your future industrial packaging needs with you. For more detailed discussions one of our experts can be engaged for a one on one meeting with prospective investors at their Business premises worldwide.