Our History

EcoPride is the leading manufacturer and distributor of Biodegradable Tableware comprising mainly, but not limited to, Disposable Plates and Trays, Boxes and Clamshell food containers, Bowls and Glasses for the day to day household partying or food service and packaging industry. Our products are of outstanding quality and conform to most international standards for eco friendly Biodegradable Tableware.

EcoPride has a state of the art manufacturing facility in China where most modern machinery and robotic arms are used for the production of exquisite bagasse disposable tableware. Our chemists make sure that the refinement of bagasse, washing and cleaning, removal of pith and impurities and addition of bonding agents is upto mark and required standards.


In the Energy Starved and Fossil Fuel deficient Nations, where Sugarcane happens to be a Major Cash Crop, Bagasse can fill the gap between supply and demand by substituting for trees as a source of firewood and paper production. Surplus Sugar production can be diverted towards manufacturing Ethanol and other Biofuels. Pith, another Sugarcane Crushing

by-product, can be pelletized and used as a heating fuel. Bagasse is the new wonder raw material, Our Objective is to spread the awareness and utilization of Bagasse throughout the Sugarcane producing regions of the World, Save the trees, Minimize Pollution ! A Winning Concept !!



ECOPRIDE has now embarked on an ambitious project for the engineering of systems and plants for recycling and utilization of Organic and Biowastes in third world countries with the objective of preserving the precious natural resources of the planet and helping it ecosystems heal.

Bagasse is one such precious resource which could save tens of thousands of hectares of our forests but is mercilessly being wasted or burnt away. Bagasse can help not only save our trees as a raw material source for the paper and pulp industries but could also prevent millions of tons of non degradable and polluting plastics from ending up in our garbage dumps and landfills.

Bagasse has proven to be a wonderful cost free raw material for paper and paper products, industrial packaging material, a substitute for plywood and an increasing range of food service disposables and tableware.


ECOPRIDE now intends to bring together the Sugarcane crushing industry and the consumers / traders of industrial packaging materials and paper manufacturers in third world countries to jointly exploit the potential of Bagasse as an eco friendly free raw material for the development of plant and machinery for the Bagasse recycling industry.

Why Us

Sitting in the heart of the most vibrant region at the confluence of Asia and Africa We have the capability of rapid mobilization of resources and skills for the realization of your plans to convert your massive Bagasse by-product into Cash. We are seamlessly connected with a network of Bagasse scholarship, research and development, machinery manufacturers and marketing conduits for helping you deliver your finished product to the consumer and end user.

Our Eco Friendly Products

This range of contemporary plates and bowls have been designed in close cooperation with top chefs from around the world to meet their specific needs for biodegradable disposable tableware without compromising on the presentation aesthetic which is always at the top of their agenda.