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Nature back to Nature !

Yes, EcoPride brings you elegant Bagasse Biodegradable Tableware that is artfully crafted from materials processed from Sugarcane Bagasse. We help nature by only borrowing from it what we can return without altering the delicate balance of its Ecosystem.

EcoPride disposable Tableware lends Grace to the delicacies served on it. Strong, beautifully contoured and Smooth to touch EcoPride really is the Pride of all that is Disposable Tableware.

We treat Nature with utmost care and expect YOU to lend a hand, Buy only EcoPride Disposable Tableware to show you Care !

From picnics to Parties and from mass catering services to Elegant Dinners, EcoPride disposable tableware is always the first choice.


EcoPride is Special

EcoPride is Special for it brings you Quality
and Eco friendly Biodegradable Tableware at affordable prices
and makes you Proud you did not Pollute your environs !

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WHAT EcoPride has to Offer

Whether you are a Business serving food on the platter or a food packaging Company dispensing thousands of meals a day, or you are a retailing outfit selling Biodegradable Disposables, EcoPride Offers you a Direct from Factory Deal where we develop a Brand for your market, package bulk or consumer packs and put your labels on, all done and ready for you to use or sell Biodegradable Disposables.


Arrange meetups between stakeholders to generate interest

viability reports

Prepare presentations and initial viability reports


Consultancy on sourcing and installation of Bagasse pulping systems


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul.


Engineering and plant erection

Arranging Seminars

Arranging Seminars for dissemination of information on Bagasse use as a Raw Material

Our Eco Friendly Products

This range of contemporary plates and bowls have been designed in close cooperation with top chefs from around the world to meet their specific needs for biodegradable disposable tableware without compromising on the presentation aesthetic which is always at the top of their agenda.



EcoPride “the Niche”


How often have you struggled with flimsy floppy disposable tableware that can’t be held steady, where forks n knives bite into the platter and where liquids make the containers soggy. EcoPride is one tough product that holds steady, is resilient to forks n knives and feels good in your hands.
Insist on EcoPride Disposables